What Causes an SD Card to Go Corrupt?

In today’s digital era, SD cards are widely used across several devices such as mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras etc. The main intent of using the SD cards is to store data. However, with extensive usage the SD cards get corrupt and thus you may have problems in accessing its content. This post will highlight a few chief causes that lead to SD card corruption. So read further to know more.

Causes for SD card corruption

  • Physical damage

Even though the SD cards are compact and hard, there are chances of it getting physically damaged. Some cards claim to be waterproof, but if the water penetration is beyond certain limit then the SD card may get damaged and may not function accordingly.

  • Improper handling of SD card

You may indulge in not handling the SD card in a right way. For instance, pulling out the SD card when the data is being transferred/copied or shutting down off the device while the SD card is still in operation.

  • Virus

The malicious and harmful programs present on your device could cause damage to the SD card. Besides this, frequent insertion of SD card into other devices may lead to corruption as you never know which device is infected with the virus.

  • Other Causes

Apart from the above-mentioned causes, the SD card can get damaged due to bad blocks, file system corruption, extensive usage of the card over a long period of time etc.


With frequent use of SD cards, the corruption can be regarded as a common problem. In case, if you are a victim of such SD card corruption issue and have lost your pictures or any other multimedia file, then it’s recommended to use professional software known as Remo Recover Windows-Media Edition. This application is exclusively designed to recover files from corrupted micro SD card, SD cards, hard drives, flash drives, etc.