Tricks to Restore Unsaved QuickTime Files

“Hi, I use QuickTime to record a lot of audio and video on my Mac. When I was recording video, QuickTime crash before I click Save. Is there any way to recover an unsaved QuickTime file? Please help!”

Nothing is more frustrating than a QuickTime crash before you had time to hit “Save” icon as mentioned in the above case. But the unsaved recording is not lost, this article describes handy trick by which you can easily retrieve lost files in the QuickTime player.

Easy trick to recover unsaved QuickTime files

To restore an unsaved QuickTime recording, follow these instructions:

  • Navigate to Finder tab or hold Cmd+Shift+G to open a command prompt.
  • Type ~/Library/Containers/ Information/ in the command prompt.
  • Once you click return button, it will take you inside QuickTime’s directory where it had automatically saved all files. Search for lost file names related to QuickTime.

Tip: All unsaved QuickTime recordings will have the word lost or unsaved and QuickTime in the title. Therefore, switching to list view is an easy way to sort all these recordings if you find a lot of them.

  • After you find the QuickTime backup file, just drag it to your computer desktop and open the file as usual.


Hopefully, you can restore your unsaved QuickTime file with the help of above trick. If you have accidentally deleted or lost QuickTime recordings then you need to go for third party tool like Remo Recover to restore Mac QuickTime files with utmost ease.