Software to Fix Corrupt MOV File on Mac System

video fileCommon Scenario: While moving MOV video file from Mac or iPhone and sudden interruption occurs then there are chances for corruption of MOV files. This is really a drastic situation when files get corrupted and user is unable to play on QuickTime player. Under such condition, you can opt for third party tool to fix corrupt MOV file on Mac system.

Remo Repair MOV software is a suitable tool in repairing MOV file on Mac as well as Windows operating system. This application is reliable and secured from harmful virus and malware so as to make it user friendly. You can download and install this software on Windows and Mac system with few mouse clicks. It simply creates a copy of original file and then fix the corrupt MOV file to a new healthy file.

Few benefits of Remo Repair MOV tool

  • Installed on Mac and Windows system such as Windows 8, Windows 10, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, etc
  • Free from malware programs so it is completely safe tool to repair corrupt MOV file
  • Capable in repairing MOV files from different corruption issues in few simple steps
  • Free version of this software is also available on website so that user can pre check the performance

Steps Involved In Corrupt MOV File Repair Mac

Step I: Download the Remo Repair MOV tool on personal computer or laptop. Then launch the application to know how to repair corrupted MOV files on Mac system.

Step II: After successful launch of this software, it allow user to browse for corrupt MOV files stored in hard drive or any external device. Select the corrupt MOV file and press repair button.

Step III: Once you pressed repair button, the software starts repairing MOV file and after few seconds you have repaired MOV file.

Step IV: With the use of this tool, you are able to preview the repaired file with simple steps. Follow the steps and repair corrupt MOV file and then save on desired path.

Some of the reasons responsible for corruption of MOV file on Mac system

Header File Corruption: The header file contains information of files stored in drive. When header file gets corrupted then data including MOV file stored in drive become inaccessible and unplayable.

Improper File Transfer: While transferring files from Mac system to Windows system or vice versa if interruption like power surge or low battery occurs then there is possibility for corruption of MOV file.

Error while File Conversion: The use of unreliable third party tool to convert MOV files to other file formats sometimes leads to corruption of MOV file on Mac system.

Several Other Factors: Some other reasons for MOV file corruption are power failure, codec issues, virus and malware programs, etc.

Under such situation user can simply use this application on Mac or Windows system to repair corrupt MOV file. With this repair tool, you can easily fix corrupt MOV file from hard drive, external hard drive, pen drive, memory cards, etc.