Method to Import and Export the Outlook Account Setting

Here we are explaining the procedure to export and import Outlook account settings. First let me explain you about the Outlook application and its data

Outlook application is commonly used tool to perform mail conversation in many companies; Outlook saves the data in data files. Where data files is divided into two types OST file and PST files. In OST file all the email conversation, task, calendar, contacts are saved and you can make any changes in OST file, when your Outlook Exchange server is connected to internet then automatically changes get upgraded in server. Sometimes your OST file might get damaged or corrupted then you cannot able to access those OST file items on your Outlook, at this situation we can suggest you to convert those corrupted or damaged OST file to PST file using advanced convert OST to PST software free like Remo Convert OST to PST tool on your system. When you convert the OST file to PST then you can easily recover the OST file data and access them on your Outlook application without any difficulty.

Now let us discuss the steps need to be followed to export and import the Outlook account settings:

Steps to export the Outlook account settings on your computer:

Step 1: first you need to go to start option and in run box, you need to type “Regedit” and select enter option.

Step 2: In Regedit, you need to search for “Profile” folder and right click on that folder then you need to select “Export” option

Step 3: Next, you need to select the destination path to save the exported files and give the appropriate file name to that file and select save option.

Using above mention steps you can easily export the Outlook files on your system without any difficulty.

Procedure to import the Outlook account setting on your system:

If you want to import your Outlook account setting which has been exported then you need to check:

  • The new username in the new computer is same as the old username.
  • Whether you have saved the PST file in the selected destination path on old computer.
  • Whether you are using same Outlook edition on both computer

Step 1: close all the running Outlook application on your system.

Step 2: search for the path where you have saved the exported Outlook account setting and double click on that file to import the Outlook account settings on your registry.

Step 3: you get a user account control dialog box there you need to select yes option.

Step 4: now when you open your Outlook application you can see the Outlook account settings, the only thing you need to do is type your password and email.