How to Share Excel File for Multiple Users Online

If you want to share your Excel workbook, then create a new workbook or else if you are having existing workbook then make it available for multi users.

Remember: When you are planning to share Excel workbook then you should make a note that not all the features are supported in a shared notebook. Suppose you want to add the features that are mentioned in this article then you should add them before you save the workbook as a shared workbook.

List of things that cannot be done in a share Workbook?

  • You can create Excel table, insert or delete blocks of the cell.
  • Perform deletion of worksheets
  • Delete Worksheets
  • Merging cells and then splitting the merged cells
  • Sorting or filtering with the help of format option
  • Adding or changing conditional formats
  • Adding or changing data validation
  • Creating new charts or PivotChart reports
  • Inserting or changing hyperlinks
  • Using drawing tools
  • Assigning, changing or removing passwords
  • Creation/changing or viewing scenarios
  • Group or outline data
  • Insert automatic subtotals
  • Creation or changing PivotTable reports
  • Creation or application of slicers
  • Creating or modifying sparklines
  • Writing or recording changes, viewing or assigning macros
  • Use a data form to add new data
  • Adding, renaming or deleting XML maps
  • Mapping cells to XML elements
  • Using the XML source task, pane, XML toolbar or XML commands on the Data menu

How to share the Workbook?

Step 1: Find the Review tab, prefer Changes group icon, and go to Share Workbook

Step 2: Then in the Share Workbook dialog box, prefer the edit tab, select the changes that are required by more than one user at the same time. This will enable Merging check box option in Share workbook

Step 3: In the advanced tab, you can select the options that you want to use for enabling the changes which can be updated further and then you can hit on OK

Next, you should do the following:

  • If you are handling a new workbook, then type the name in the File name box
  • If you are using existing workbook, then click on OK to save the workbook

Step 4: If the workbook possess links to other workbooks or any other documents, then cross check the links and update the links that are broken from it

Step 5: Click on the File tab and then click on save option

Ctrl + S can be used for saving any necessary changes that are made to the workbook. You can also recover deleted Excel file with the help of Excel file recovery software

If you want to remove any online user from a shared workbook, then go through the below-mentioned steps:

Note: Before you opt for removing any users, make sure that they have completed their task on the workbook. As you tend to remove any active user then the unsaved work might get lost

Step 1: Go to Review tab, present in the Changes group, click on the Share Workbook

Step 2: When you prefer the editing tab, go to who has this workbook open now list, then check the names of the users using the workbook

  • Select the name of the user, who needs to be disconnected and then click on Remove user

Step 3: If you want to delete any personal view settings of the removed user then

  • Go to the View tab, in the Workbook Views group, click on custom views
  • Here, you can select views of other users, and then click on Delete option to remove them completely