How to Recover Files from Digital Camera

digital camera recoveryWith the innovation in the technology digital camera comes in various portable forms. You can use them according to your needs whether going to any camps, visiting a fest, travelling across the various cities, etc . You always needs a digi cam (digital camera) to store the memories. Nowadays, digi cam are more advanced, you no longer needed to visit the photo lab to take printouts of your collected images from digi cam. But printed photo in your photo Album always give you an elegant pleasure to relive those moments again.

You can store your collected shots from the digital camera with utmost care. Digital camera is now available from so many company and it let you to store the image to a wide range of memory cards including SD card, CF card,etc. However data loss happens in cases such as mishandling of digital camera, SD card corruption which ends in photo loss.

Accidentally deleted images recovery is easier if you carried out it by a well known data recovery software. Remo Recover is a trusted digicam photo recovery software providing all services to recover your photo from any adverse conditions which happened to your digital camera. Suppose you had lost a photo which you had collected in occasion of Wedding Anniversary of your friend. Losing these means you are in a world of trouble, your friends will quarrel against you for this misconduct.

Recovery of the lost images methods

Scan: Take out the memory card from the digital camera and use any convenient way to connect it to your Desktop/Laptop. Run the Remo Recover tool from the Start Menu and select Media recovery. A new screen will ask you to provide a location to scan your SD card.

Preview : When the scanning task is completed, this software will provide a list of all the recovered pictures from the SD card. You can customize the displaying of these files by “File Type” or by “Data type”.

Save: Before you are restoring the lost images, you are recommended to use the Preview option to check those selected images condition with the Remo recover software and save it to some location.

Features of Remo Recover

  • Recovery of RAW images files such as CR2, CRW, PEF, NEF etc. collected from your digital camera is supported.
  • It identifies each images, audio, video files by their unique file signatures.So, It is not possible to miss any lost image file from your SD card.
  • In your SD Card, it supports file system FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExtFAT.
  • This software is available from Windows XP to the most recent version Windows 10.

Common scenarios of Image loss in Digital Camera

  • Auto ejected: If you had not installed the SD card into the Card slot of digi cam. Then it will automatically comes out and whatever images you had collected they were in corrupted state.
  • Forced ejection: If your SD card is jammed inside the Digital Camera and your careless attempts will surely damage the images kept in it.
  • Virus Attacks: Many SD card get infected to the viruses/malware while transferring your contents from SD Card to computer be careful with virus attacks.