How to Protect Your Privacy on Windows 10

Here we are explaining the procedure or method to protect the privacy in Windows 10 system.Windows-10

Turn off the ad tracking:

As the people privacy concern is that the data is being collected when they browse on web. This will creates the profile of the person interest which is used by many companies to target the ads. Windows 10 OS perform this operation by making use of advertising ID. This advertising ID does not only collect your information when you browse on web but also when users access the Windows 10 applications. To protect your privacy you can turn off the Advertising ID on your Windows 10.

To perform this operation, you need to launch the Windows 10 setting application and go to privacy and select the general button. There you can view the list of choice under the change the privacy option and then you need to off the advertising id. Later you will still get the ads on your screen but those are generic ones rather than the targeting one and your interest won’t be tracked by the companies. If you have lost some content from Windows 10 system then using some advanced Windows 10 data recovery software free you can recover the data.

Turn off the location tracking:

Whenever you login to the account in Windows 10, the application get to know where you are at particular moment this is used to give you the relevant information. Some of the helpful information you get from this location tracking is that local weather condition, hotel or restaurant nearby you and so on. If you don’t want your Windows 10 to track your location then you can turn off the tracking of your device.

To perform this work, first we need to launch Windows 10 and go to start option and in setting app you need to select privacy and then location. In location, select change in location for this device is on and you need to change it to off option. By doing this your traction of location gets off on your Windows 10 device.

If you have many accounts in Windows 10 OS. To turn on or off the location tracking of single account, you need to sign in to the particular account which you want to protect from privacy then follow the above explained procedure instead of selecting change, go to the slider the beneath word “ location” and move to on or off according to your choice. You can also turn off the location tracking on individual app by app. If you want to on the location tracking on Windows 10 system but need to restrict to some application then ON the location tracking of device and select the application which you need to on the location tracking. Using this procedure you can protect the privacy of your Windows 10 device.