How Sensor Technology helps Detecting Vehicles in Foggy Weather


Sensor technology is stepping up everywhere to make life easier. Nowadays, due to advancement in technology, sensors are widely used by common humans in navigation instruments, subatomic particles, automotive, transportation, and many more based on types of sensors. Sensor technology will surely going to dominate in 21st century, as it can be implanted in many devices or instruments that we use in our daily life. Different types of sensors are temperature sensors, IR sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, pressure sensor, smoke and gas sensor, level sensors, and many more.

In winter season, there will be lots of fogs in the major cities around the world. Due to presence of fogs, vehicle riders find it hard to ride their vehicles. Sensor technology comes out to help in detecting vehicles in foggy weather. In many parts of the country, heavy traffic obstructs visibility on roads, due to rug of fog in early chilled morning. Other than the chill and poor visibility, morning fog is causing havoc in major parts of the country. It is not only delaying and cancelling massive number of national trains and flights, but also put city an alert for higher levels of toxic air pollution.

Traditional solution to fog problems:

Freedom of movement for road traffic is disrupted by fog, which is covering most parts of the city during early chilled morning in winter days. Extremely dense road traffic during foggy days resulting in rush hours often becoming the reason for fatal car, and bike accidents. Older day’s solution to prevent road accidents in foggy weather is driving slowly at a safer distance and putting more lights on the streets to make clear vision. But, installing too many lights on highways is an old and expensive measures that calls for innovation.

Technological solution:

 Compared to traditional solution, technological solution is considered as the best one, as it is not too much expensive. Sensor technology is one such example of modern technology that will ease the fear of accidents in foggy weather. Implanting sensors in vehicles helps drivers by warning them by detecting dangers in surroundings. A critical situation can be avoided with the help of these sensors as they will scan vehicle’s blind spot. In some emergencies, radar sensor technology rises alarms in order to inform the drivers about the dangers around the car, bus, or other vehicle. Vehicle detector technology helps vehicles visible to others in poor visibility and foggy conditions by automatic fog lamps. Henceforth, this is a great technology to bring a change in security features of vehicles.

Now, MET department has said that more is in the store as fog is expected to linger for a week more or so, it is the right time to adopt modern measures that helps in predicting and preventing accidents beforehand for maximum security.