Deleted File Recovery Software for Mac

“Hi, I am using MacBook Pro laptop since two years, with Yosemite operating system installed in it. Everything was going fine till yesterday. But, yesterday evening, while removing unwanted files from my MacBook I accidentally erased few important files. Without going through erased files, I emptied Trash folder using “Command + Shift + Delete” combination keys. Later, I searched for my official files, but unfortunately I could not find them. Then, I realized that I deleted those files while deleting useless files. Please, can anyone suggest me a best undelete software for Mac to get back my deleted files? Thank you…!”

This type of data loss problems occurs with most of the users, however it is not at all a big issue, because many data recovery tools are available to get recover Mac OS X deleted files. But, before using data recovery tool, make sure that the deleted files are not overwritten with any new files. Now, the question is which is the appropriate software to perform a task of Mac OS X recover deleted files? No worries, Remo Recover application is the best undelete software for Mac running systems. Before going to learn how to recover deleted files using this software, it is required to know few common scenarios that cause data loss on Mac.

  1. Interruptions while transferring files using cut and paste option
  2. Emptying Trash folder without having a glance at the contents of the folder
  3. Intentional or unintentional formatting Mac Volume will erase all data saved in that particular Volume
  4. Errors while resizing a partition or while creating a partition can result in deletion of files
  5. Defragmentation failure, deletion by third party tools, OS reinstallation, etc. are some of the other data loss scenarios


If you are facing any of the above mentioned data loss scenarios, then just stop worrying and take the assistance of Remo Recover application to perform a task of Mac OS X recover deleted files in few easy to execute steps. As the deleted files won’t be removed permanently from your system, only the address of the particular files will be removed by the file system. Actual files remains in their original location, but made invisible to you and before overwriting on those files, use this undelete software for Mac and get all your files back.

Features of Remo Recover Application:

  1. Remo Recover software allows its users to evaluate the tool before purchasing by providing free trial version to download and run
  2. Demo version, after the completion of scanning process, allows users to preview the recovered files either in File Type View or Data View
  3. Trial version comes out with advanced option “Save Recovery Session”, by choosing this option after data recovery, you can save your time, as you need not rescan your Mac Volume again after purchasing the tool. Instead, you can resume with this saved recovery session using “Open Recovery Session” option
  4. It supports data recovery from HFS, HFSX, HFS+, FAT16, FAT32 formatted Mac Volumes
  5. More than 300 types of files can be recovered using this software, which include videos, pictures, audio files, Word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoint files, PDF files, and many more
  6. It is compatible with different versions of Mac OS X such as Mavericks, Mountain Lion, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, etc.